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    Spring Pest Control

Carpenter Bees, Honey Bees, and Wasps - If you don't treat them now, the problem will only get worse. Females and family will return to the same spot each year if not treated.

Rates and Mice- These rodents can cause sanitation and health issues, especially around this time of year.

Crown Pest Control provides commercial and residential pest control throughout Birmingham and central Alabama. At Crown Pest Control, our goal is to protect your home or business from pests that may spread harmful disease and damage to your property, while delivering the highest level of customer service.

Whether you have ants, termites, roaches, rodents, or other pests, Crown Pest Control is ready to take care of all of your pest problems. With 25 years experience, Don Green and his highly trained pest management professionals utilize the latest products and best management practices to protect your property from insect and rodent invasion.

Regular pest maintenance is an extremely important part of keeping your home or business safe and healthy year-round. Many pests, including termites, often go unnoticed until there is a full infestation. We understand insect and pest animal behaviors, and know the proper techniques needed in order to provide safe and effective control. We take a proactive approach in addressing pest problems thoroughly and efficiently.

We take pride in what we do and want to make the not-so-nice experience of dealing with pest as worry free as possible. Give us a call to discuss any pest concerns you may have, and let us provide you a solution best suited for your home or business.

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